February 11, 2004

Conan In Toronto

Conan O'brien taped the first show in a week long engagement in Toronto.

I caught the show and it was very Canadian eh? The joked on air that you could here the US audience tuning out with each additional joke funny only to Canadians.

A couple of personal notes of interest:

1) Mike Myers pointed out a person in the audience wearing a flashing suit. The person was "flyerman"... (It turns out "flyerman" is a movie and the suit is a product of enlightened designs - but I didn't know that until I googled him just now... ) What was weird was I just saw "flyerman" not 5 days ago at the SFA concert in Toronto. I just thought he was some weirdo there to trip people out during the show with his flashy suit. Then he shows up on Conan... weird. But its just a marketing gimmick - getting people to talk about "that flyerman" guy - and eventually find out about the movie and enlightened designs. I feel duped... oh well - it was still an interesting coincidence.

2) There are three degrees of separation from me to Mike Myers (and McCormick of Will and Grace and indeed Elton John) - it goes like this... My former boss is friends with David Furnish - who was in the same highschool class as Mike Myers and Kevin McCormick and happens to be Elton Jon's life partner. Mike Myers told a story on the Conan show of how the three of them went to school together. Small world.

More reviews and related links of the show here:
A less than enthusiastic review by the Globe and Mail.

I'm interested to see what (if anything) the US media will say. I'll post some links later in the day as Google picks up the stories from the US press.

thats all for now.


Posted by andre at February 11, 2004 03:40 AM